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Book: Hacked Again by Scott N Schober is an honest plain english account of how a cybersecurity expert deals with getting hacked as well as a few case studies of some of the biggest hacks in recent history. Best of all, you get tips on how to avoid getting hacked like Scott and others before you.
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VPN Service : NordVPN is one of the few VPN Services around the world that ticks my boxes. The thing with VPN services is that you have to be able to trust the VPN provider to handle your data.
NordVPNMaking your own VPN is pretty involved, free VPN services are dodgy (they have to make money somehow) and some VPN services are compelled by various governments to hand over information. NordVPN is one of those services that has a solid approach to privacy from where they base their operations in Panama City to sticking to a strict no-logs policy.
When I am not on my home or other trusted networks I protect my laptop, tablets and phone with NordVPN.
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