Lotus to stop producing petrol powered cars

If you have been paying attention on the roads you may see that Electric or Hybrid Cars are getting around more and more with interest in petrol powered polluters starting to feel the pinch.

Hybrid technology has been an easy half-step towards going electric but the big money is moving to the BEV or Battery Electric Vehicle with the likes of Tesla, Hyundai, Nissan, BMW, Jaguar, Mistubishi are now joined by Lotus with the new Evija starting production this year.

The EV will be hand built and it is expected that the production run will be around 130 units. The car boasts impressive stats with a sub 3 second 0-100km/h and clocks in at the world’s most powerful series production car with 2000PS (2000HP). Other details on the electric rocket are thin on the ground including the price tag which I am sure will be “If you have to ask you cannot afford it”.

Most interesting however is that the CEO Phil Popham has indicated that the British manufacturer has one last petrol model left in it before the product line goes completely electric across the range skipping the idea of Hybrid Electric Vehicles all together.

The future is certainly electric and the high end of the market is tipped to be an interesting battleground as the established automotive marques battle it out.

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