Experts brace for spike in cybercrime

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With current world events creating confusion and uncertainty cyber security experts are bracing for an uptick in campaigns that will use a range of issues stemming from COVID-19 as a form of misdirection to implant malware and commit fraud.

The less subtle crims will go straight for the subject of Coronovirus while others will look to exploit topics around COVID-19 such as economic relief, supply shortages, working from home, teleconferencing to name a few as mentioned by Chris Roberts, Chief Security Strategist Attivo Networks. (I recommend reading this posts as it conveys the attitude of cyber attackers perfectly).

IT providers and admins are encouraged to include security as a part of their infrastructure changes as allowing remote access to an office carries significant risk that must be managed. Failing to properly implement sound security practices could well result in attacks similar to the Ryuk ransomware campaigns that struck many local governments last year.
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Users are also reminded that scams will be on the rise exploiting the COVID-19 events including one I saw recycled from years ago relating to grocery vouchers like the one below.

Take a closer look at the address for the link. It may start with which is designed to make you think it is from Coles but keep reading the address and you will see it also ends in so it is not actually a site but a fraudulent site at It would be trivial for me to set up a subdomain at to make it look like because I control the domain.

A link getting shared around social media.

Scammers and cyber criminals do not follow any rules of engagement and nothing is off limits.

The main thing to remember is that we may be under constant attack from criminals but in a vast majority of cases they are relying on us to act in order to carry out their crimes. Take your time, think things through and if needed talk to a trusted advisor, coworker or family member.

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