Macs now have more malware than PCs

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For ages, Mac users have trotted out the old “Macs don’t get viruses” line when playing the “mine is better than yours” game.

Turns out that Apple’s popularity has finally caught up as malware threats for the big shiny brand have actually outnumbered the Windows world.
It is a classic case of build it and they will come. Malware producers simply move to where the targets are and since the OSx system is as popular as Windows they are only too happy to write nasties for both platforms.

In the Malwarebytes 2020 State of Malware Report it was noted that there was a significant 400% spike in malware threats for Mac over 2019 bringing the average number of threats to 11 per Mac compared to the Windows average of 5.6.

The type of threat is different between the two also with Windows PCs commonly targeted with Trojan class threats like Trickbot and Emotet which have evolved from being banking information stealers to highly flexible downloaders.

Mac was most impacted by Adware where web browsers were hijacked to change search settings, home pages and inject advertising that could have effects ranging from annoying popups to malicious attempts to compromise systems.

The report also flags business as seeing the biggest increase in detections for the 2019 period with a 13% increase while consumers saw a 2% decrease (don’t relax, there were still over 40 million detections for home users!)

This is not so much a wake up call but a sudden realisation you slept in so long, you have totally missed the bus and you need to seriously get moving in order to get ahead.

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