Spotting a scam: edition

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I get messages from family, friends and clients about scams all the time.

This is the latest one from a family member who received an unsolicited message claiming to be from the Australian Government.

This is the first part. An SMS from “ATOS” in most cases we should go no further than this.

Take a look at the link: It is not a very good link, it is even tricky to work out that this is pretending to be from the ATO. That should be the first sign.
Next the ATO does not send SMS notifications especially with a link demanding details.

If you click this link there is a risk that it may link to a file that can exploit a vulnerability in your phone but since most scams are unsophisticated, they are just looking to harvest sensitive information. Just take a look at the next image to see what I am getting at.

Look at the address ( and the mismatched branding (myGov).
The myGov service as well as the ATO will end in not .net.
Now the scammers did go to the effort of installing a SSL certificate (see the lock symbol) to make the site look legitimate but a careful observer will spot the address.

Feel free to share this post with your friends, family and coworkers so they might pick up some simple tips on how to spot a scam.


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