Retro gaming is big this holiday season

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2018 and 2019 have been cracker years for gaming with systems from gaming past getting reboots in the form of mini versions of the original with mini prices to suit.

It has never been easier to scratch the nostalgia itch and this holiday season is an excellent time to relive the classics from the arcade to the first home consoles. Here are some of the options available right now.

The JB HiFi retro gaming collection is pretty well stocked starting with single purpose mini arcade machines to early home consoles to licensed systems ranging from $59 to $399.
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For Sega Fans, you can get the Mega Drive Mini console from Target made by Sega so you know it is the real deal when it comes to matching the old gaming experience.
Not to be beaten, Big W also stocks the Capcom Console and the Nintendo NES Classic mini console.

There is a real heavyweight when it comes to the arcade console emulator and this is at Jaycar. A monster similar to the Capcom console but this beast not only has the same sturdy controls that it shares with the Capcom console and real arcade machines but packs a massive library of 1399 games so you can be pretty sure you can scratch that nostalgia itch.
Jaycar is one of those electronics hobbyist stores that also carries spare parts that would allow you to build your very own arcade machine if you are handy with the tools and comfortable with setting up your own arcade emulator by using the guts of an old PC or by using the perfectly suited Raspberry Pi 3 or 4 single board computers.

If you don’t have time to build your own arcade machine, you can go and buy a multiple game arcade machine from Perth Arcade Machines. These hand built systems are as close to the real thing you can get and you can even get digital pinball machines that make clever use of 40 inch widescreen displays to recreate the classic pinball playfield. No maintenance of bumpers, springs, solenoids or kickers. Just plug and play away.

So if you want to relive those days at the corner milk bar or show millenials some of the classics, you are spoiled for choice.

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