Free Beer! (Kinda, not really)

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Just this morning I saw Facebook users sharing a link to a website claiming to send you a carton of beer for free to help celebrate some anniversary of Carlton Draught.

Of course I knew this was a scam and I was impressed with the devilish ploy.
What true Aussie would ever say “no” to a beer? 24 Free beers!
This is social engineering at its simplest playing on our Aussie DNA effectively drowning out all other base instincts like a toddler hopped up on blue donuts and Fanta losing their mind at a Wiggles concert.

Clearly a scam right?
I decide to go down the rabbit hole anyway for a peek with a clean “burner” virtual PC from the excellent guys at

I head off to the web page (after stripping out suspicious stuff from the link).

By the way, if you don’t make it to the bottom of the article and you think I deserve a beer, feel free to shout me one via Paypal (

I was not disappointed. If you took the bait to click the link, this sets the hook.The branding is on point, they are not encouraging underage drinking and all I have to do is answer a few yes/no questions. I have a limited amount of time to get this done and I get my free beer!

I AM THE CHOSEN ONE! I qualified! (Spoiler alert: everyone qualifies).

All I have to do now is share this on Facebook with a caption (to spread the scam) and enter my data. I can almost taste that free anniversary beer!
NOTE: If I see anyone post this I know you have got this far and I suspect your Facebook account is compromised and you may have malware installed somewhere.

All they need is a postcode and… waitasecond! I can get $1000 to bugger off to Bali with my free beer? A postcode is not too bad right? It’s not like I am giving away all of my information.
Right now, all logic is out of the window. I am going to Bali to drink free beer and all they want from me is…

My date of birth, First and Last names, email address Mobile number and address.
Hmm.. I normally wouldn’t do this but come on. Free beer in Bali! I have already landed and got my Bintang singlet on the way to the swim-up pool bar.

A survey? Meh.. OK. I have my sights firmly fixed on the prize.
I am going to dominate the bombie competition like last time. I wonder if there is a competitive pro tour for bombies?
The questions mention Foxtel, I wonder if this will give me a discount on the next Pay Per View?

Yeah, I am on Woolies rewards. Could do with some extra points.

From this point on it is an endless path of survey after survey and I would just keep playing but I would rather be doing something more productive like looking after clients needing help with Cyber Security and writing my Free Cyber Security Newletter. Hopefully this satisfies the curiosity some of you might have and given you all a giggle along the way and made you think about beer and fraud as much as I have.

To be clear: There is no free beer, there is no $1000 ticket and someone now has your details.

If you think I deserve a coldie, feel free to shout me one via Paypal (

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