Telstra is set to pull the plug on 3G mobile network. Eventually.

Australia’s Telco juggernaut continues to push ahead with mobile network upgrades and has announced that the 3G network is going dark.

In 2024.

When this happens, any devices not capable of 4G/LTE or 5G connectivity will be unable to use the Telstra Mobile Network.

Telstra announcing these network changes this far out gives manufacturers, integrators and users of 3G mobile services plenty of time to look for alternatives to 3G services and equipment so NOW is the time to start looking especially if you are an IoT manufacturer.

Get to it now because you can be sure your competition is.

Here is the full statement from Telstra.

“As we grow our mobile network around Australia and upgrade it with the latest technology, we occasionally come to a point where it is necessary to say goodbye to older technology and to use the spectrum it was carried on to boost the performance of newer and more efficient technology.

In December 2016, we switched off our 2G technology to provide more spectrum for our 4G technology. Today, as part of our program to continually upgrade our network to the latest technology and expand our 4G and 5G coverage, we’re announcing the eventual switch-off of our 3G technology. This will not happen until June 2024 – more than four years away.

Between now and then we’ll be upgrading and expanding our 4G coverage to a materially equivalent size and reach to our 3G footprint. Most customers will generally notice an improvement in speed when using a compatible device – in many cases a substantial one. We are working to assess our product range and all current areas with 3G only coverage in order to give you the best possible experience on 4G and 5G.

As an early adopter and pioneer of 5G, we are on the cusp of the latest mobile technology worldwide. To help continue enhancing the network, it will eventually mean our older network technology will need to be switched off, so the spectrum that is used to carry data and voice calls over our oldest mobile network technology can be repurposed to help grow 5G.”

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