VW announces EV

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The German juggernaut has unveiled a production ready full electric vehicle at the Frankfurt Motor Show dubbed the ID.3.

This EV has been described as being as big as a Golf, as roomy as a Passat and will charge as hard as a GTi with zero emissions.

The car is going to be the first of many EVs planned by VW and the ID.3 will be the platform built on for future models to be made by VW and Ford between 2020 and 2025.

The ID.3 is expected to be available in Australia after 2022 starting around AUD$45,000, have 3 battery options proving between 330km and 550km between charges and the mid range motor will be producing 150kW and 310Nm at the rear wheels which could result in some fun driving and would be good for 160km/h.

Earlier, Volkswagen also announced an EV kit for the classic Beetle (not the new one), the good old Kombi and the Porsche 356. The kit is expected to deliver 200km range, 0-50km in 4 seconds and 0-80 in 8 seconds which while not fast is still an improvement on your stock “dak-dak” off the line. This means that the bug that has outlived so many other cars will get a new lease on life in a post-petrol world.

So right now, the world of VW is looking pretty good whether I decide to go new or classic for my ride in the next few years.

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