Google adds Telstra Voice to Google Home

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Telstra has announced that voice calling via your Google Home or Google Nest device is now available for your Telstra mobile as of today.

The service links your Telstra Mobile to the Google Home/Nest service that will allow you to make a call to someone in your contact list without your mobile phone.
I also managed to get the service to work with a Boost Mobile service so it seems that services that use the Telstra network might be compatible.

What can it do?
You can use the service to place outbound calls that while they use your home internet service, they will appear to come from your home phone. Making a call will be as easy as saying “Hey Google, call Work”, “Hey Google, call triple zero”, “Hey Google, call Boss Pizza” or “Hey Google, call one zero one”. You can even get your Google Home to “press” keys in those telephone menus with commands like “Hey Google, press 3” and there is also support for “star” (*) and “hash” (#).
When you are done you can hang up with “Hey Google, end call”.

I have suspicions that the service may work with other smart speakers that support the Google Assistant.

For more information take a look at Telstra’s getting started guide.

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