New Service Announcement : Free Cybersecurity Newsletter

I am launching a new product to help raise cybersecurity awareness for everyone.

It is a free newsletter aimed at the everyday user. You don’t have to be a computer whizz to understand this newsletter and this will be a valuable tool to keep your home and office computers secured against the latest threats.

All you have to do is sign up by clicking here (this will take you to a form, they manage subscriptions for this newsletter).
This will give you access to a free and shareable newsletter for home and business use. There is absolutely no catch to this free monthly newsletter and you can cancel at any time.

Even if you are a technology services provider or computer shop, you are welcome to use this newsletter to let your customers know about cybersecurity threats and give you a starting point to have that conversation around digital hygiene.

If you have any questions, you are welcome to send them to [email protected]

Find below an excerpt of the first cybersecurity newsletter going out this week.

Free Cybersecurity Newsletter 22nd August 2019 1st edition

Welcome to my 1st edition of my Free Cyber Security Newsletter for normal people.
This newsletter is going to cover the broader cyber security targets to keep a majority of people safe with monthly editions.
For more specialised Cybersecurity News get in touch and I will be able to create a tailored Information Security newsletter targeted at the systems that fall outside of the basic Microsoft and Apple on the desktop and iOS and Android on mobile devices.

13th August 2019
The monthly security patches are out and for August we had 94 vulnerabilities fixed. Severity ranged from 7.09 to 9.8 with 29 of them rated as critical (8 or higher).
All Windows users are advised to check for updates and apply those updates as soon as possible. Don’t forget to restart to allow those updates to take hold.
For one on one coaching on how to apply updates please see your computer person in the office or family I am sure they will be pleased to show you how. If needed I am also available to make an appointment to take you through the process over the phone or by remote control.

6th Aug 2019
Google has published the monthly Android bulletin with 22 flaws fixed. 3 critical, 18 high and 1 medium.
Android is becoming one of rising threats for users because of its market share and slow rollout of updates from manufacturers.
In my opinion, if you want a secure Android phone, go for the Google Pixel and the Samsung range of devices as both of these manufacturers release updates quickly after announcement.

In the news
Targeted Ransomware takes down 23 government agencies in Texas.
Ransomware operators have realised that local governments in the United States are proving to be lucrative targets with a marked increase in Ransomware infections. These organisations are often under-funding cybersecurity and lacking in preparation. This means that the targeted departments are more likely to pay the ransom in order to get systems up and running again.
Ransomware is a simple cybercrime tool used to force payment from victims that unwittingly install the ransomware from an email attachment or poorly patched system. The malware commmonly works by scrambling user data (databases, documents, videos, pictures) effectively locking users out of their own systems. The computer will still work but due to the encryption the files the user needs are not available.
Ransomware is one of the most successful tools that criminals use to get funds. In fact it is so successful there is a booming industry where ransomware is provided under license to criminals in similar fashion to the way businesses like Microsoft licenses Office to users for a monthly fee. These ransomware factories even inlcude finance plans, technical support and customer (victim) support.
How do I stay safe?
Keep your systems up to date and always be careful what you click even if you do have antivirus software and firewalls.

As this is the first free cyber security newsletter I should start off with addressing the main factor that causes 95% of cybesecurity incidents – The user.
To me educating the end user if by far the most effective way we can take a bite out of cyber crime just by starting the conversation.
I encourage you to share this with your friends any way you like and give them the chance to also subscribe to the free cybersecurity newsletter.
To any tech services providers, this newsletter is also free for you to share with your customers to help you in your job in keeping them better equipped to meet the rapidly changing cyber threat.
If you have a technology person looking after your computers feel free to share this with them and start having that discussion about what needs to be done to get up to speed.
Good cybersecurity does not happen overnight it starts with asking questions and taking small steps.

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