New Malware invades 25 million Android phones

A new strain of malware dubbed Agent Smith has been spotted in the wild and has infected possibly thousands of Aussie phones.

The malware makes it’s way into phones through apps supplied from third party app stores and currently results in the malware spreading to other apps on the phone which then start showing annoying or unrelated advertisements.

Because this malware spreads to other apps on the same device, security experts are concerned that this can lead to the malware changing the function of apps which can put usernames, passwords, payment card details and other sensitive data at risk.

There is even the possibility that the malware can completely replace some apps on infected devices that could have unprecedented impact on Android users.

Advice on avoiding falling victim remains the same. Only install the apps you need and only install them directly from the Google Play Store. Do not install apps from advertisements on websites or via links found on social media and always make sure that you are running the latest version of Android.

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