FaceApp freakout comes too late.

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By now you should have seen your happy go lucky friends sharing images of them looking like they have crawled out of the wrong side of the next decade thanks to the updated FaceApp AI powered image manipulation app that is creepily good at making you look old with a capital OMGLOL.

You friends that you might regard as having their tin-foil hats pulled on a little too tight are on the other end of their scales waving their arms about over the FaceApp Terms of Service.

I present an excerpt from the Terms of Service from evil FaceApp for your reference.

Scary right?
I bet LinkedIn doesn’t do…

Yeah, but that’s LinkedIn! I bet Twitter would never…

I am sure Facebook doesn’t need to do that. They are the largest social network on the planet. No way would they…

The thing is that EVERYONE that uses a social network, app or website (except for mine of course) operates under the same boilerplate terms of service that very few people read.
Sure it is scary legal speak but it all boils down to simple rules that everyone should be aware of:

At the end of the day, it doesn’t matter if your data is held by Mark Zuckerberg or Mikhail Zakmonovich if you use their service the data you upload to them is effectively theirs so upload with care.

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