Dear NBN. Get stuffed.

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In a confidential pricing review to RSPs (Retail Service Providers) the NBN was sprung for proposing what equated to a Netflix tax according to this ITNews article.

“Would your organisation support the development of a price response whereby charging of streaming video could be differentiated from the charging of other traffic/services? Would your organisation be likely to productise such a mechanism if developed by NBN?”

In short, the proposed mechanism would allow RSPs to effectively identify and adjust the priority of streaming services based on how much the consumer paid.

When RSPs broke this to ITNews and the story was published, the internet was not at all kind.
Nor should they be.

The role of NBN is a wholesale provider which implies that they have no relationship with the consumer and should NEVER have access to the metadata, content or purpose of the traffic they handle between RSPs and other wholesale providers. Their service extends ONLY to providing a transport mechanism with no access to the content of the data.

This was expressed by Internet Australia chair Paul Brooks.
“NBN is a Layer 2 network – a simple pipe between customer and ISP – and should never be looking deeper into the packets to see or care what form of content is being passed through.”

I am sorry NBN (not really) but if you have undertaken a project and got the budgets so out of whack that you will struggle to keep the balance sheet from spontaneously combusting then it is on you to either pull the plug or find a way to fix it without charging for an additional service you are not authorised to provide.

It seems as though NBNCo is looking for as many ways possible to be an infrastructure embarrassment for Australia operating on an international scale while attempting to operate with sheer disregard for the people footing the bill for the project.

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