Android Ransomware Spreads via SMS

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Bleeping computer has a story on a new strain of ransomware that will effectively lock you out of your phone that is spread via the humble SMS.
The SMS messages to watch out for are ANY unsolicited messages that contain a link of any kind even if it looks like it has come from a friend.
They might contain text that could really grab your attention (example below) and entice you to click a link to download and install a malicious app that will encrypt your Android device.
Fortunately in this case, the ransomware authors kind of botched the encryption process which makes it possible to reverse the encryption without paying a cent but you can be sure that they will probably fix this so relying on their ineptitude will only work until a new (better) version of the ransomware is released which may only be a few days.

How to avoid malware and ransomware:

  • Avoid clicking links or attachments you did not ask for.
  • Make sure that your phone is set to install apps ONLY from trusted app stores (Google Play).
  • Make sure your phone is running the latest version of Android available.
  • Share information only from trusted sources (like this website) ;-).

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