Bad Android Apps Booted – did you get stung?

There have been a heap of apps removed from the Google Play store but not before being downloaded by millions of users.

So what is it about these apps that is so bad?

They serve their basic function but what comes along with the app that you didn’t ask for is where the trouble starts. In a practice that is known as trojanising these apps started out clean enough but were later updated to include a function to invisibly load ads which the user does not see and generates and income for the app developer. The downside for the end user is that recalling and “displaying” these ads take up processor time which in turn puts a drain on your battery so if your phone is losing charge it is a good idea to go through your phone and remove any apps that you no longer use especially if you have the following apps installed.

  • Sparkle FlashLight
  • Snake Attack
  • Math Solver
  • Tak A Trip
  • Magnifeye
  • Join Up
  • Zombie Killer
  • Space Rocket
  • Neon Pong
  • Just Flashlight
  • Table Soccer
  • Cliff Diver
  • Box Stack
  • Jelly Slice
  • AK Blackjack
  • Color Tiles
  • Animal Match
  • Roulette Mania
  • HexaFall
  • HexaBlocks
  • PairZap

In most cases, these utilities were “enhanced” versions of stock apps that already come standard with most phones and can pack some extra features in. For example, most phones have a stock flashlight app but these “enhanced” versions might have added “features” like recording audio and video without your permission.

So if your phone seems to be sluggish or is burning through your battery quicker than it used to it could be a rogue app. Simply spend a few minutes going through your apps to squeeze a little extra life out of your phone.

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