Google just hit reset on the smartphone market.

Ever noticed how expensive phones are getting lately?

Google has and they have released the Pixel 3a and 3a XL and they have hit all the points that matter.

  • 5.6″ Full HD OLED (Pixel 3 is a 5.5″ Full HD OLED)
  • 3000mAh Battery (Pixel 3, 2915mAh)
  • Polycarbonate Body (Pixel 3 is water-resistant aluminium and glass)
  • 12.2MP camera with Google’s smart camera tech (just like the Pixel 3)
  • 3.5mm audio jack! (not many smart phones have these)
  • Android 9 plus 3 years of the fastest released Android updates on the market
  • AUD$649! (US$399) (The Pixel 3 is AUD$1199!)

So this is a phone that ticks all the boxes that people care about (great screen, excellent camera, unlimited storage for photos, latest android updates etc) but is almost half the price of the Pixel 3.
How is this possible?

By leaving out the high end features that “don’t matter” like

  • Wireless charging
  • Aluminium/Glass construction
  • Faster processor (only a little faster)
  • Wide-angle front facing camera (the standard front facing camera does a fine job)
  • Water-resistance.

By skipping these features Google is able to deliver a phone that is actually better where it matters and at a great price point.

This is an Android phone for the budget-conscious buyer that is looking for a great performing phone with all the smart features that come with stuff made by Google that is also pound for pound the most secure consumer Android phone on the market period.

So what about this 3a XL?

The XL is exactly the same as the 3a except for:

  • 6.0″ Full HD OLED screen
  • 3700 mAh battery
  • $799

On paper both of these phones stack up nicely and is at the top of my list for phones if I was in the market right now.

People focus on screens, cameras and batteries when making a decision to buy a phone. The big ticket flagships are getting to the point of being out of reach without signing up to a 2 year contract.

This phone delivers for the buyers with commitment issues looking to make an outright purchase that will not break the bank while delivering on what is important. The display, the camera and battery while as a bonus being the most secure Android phone on the market.

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