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Telstra has built on the solid Roku foundations with the Telstra TV, TV2 and now with the TV3 you get a bunch of new features.

Still based on the same platform with the popular line up of services including catch up, free to air  built in tuner, the streaming heavyweights of Stan, Foxtel Now, Kayo and Netflix rounded out with Youtube, Red Bull TV, Crunchyroll and more.

New features include voice based controls that bring the TV3 into the smart home, an enhanced remote that allows you to control your TV as well as the TV3 (just one remote to run the show), Telstra TV Smart Search which is an Aussie first integrated on demand search function that searches across all the services simultaneously, the ability to pause live TV or jump back 10 seconds to catch that missed line of dialogue and the Telstra TV app that allows you to use your phone to listen to the TV with your headphones.

The features do not stop there either because the TV3 gets a spec bump with the ability to make the most of your 4K TV with supported services.

This really could be the one box to rule them all with plenty of features in a small, inexpensive device that is easy to setup and use with enough advanced features to keep most people discovering more features over time.

This is not however the ultimate box with Amazon Prime video not available and a few other niggles but it is a capable set top box that will keep a majority of Telstra households happy.

The Telstra TV is AUD$216.00 outright or AUD$9/month for 24 months plus a AUD$9.95 delivery fee plus if you activate before 26 August 2019 you can redeem a bonus AUD$125 credit to spend in the Telstra Movies store.


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