NZ Shooter Manifesto Spiked with Malware

If you needed another reason to avoid reading the manifesto linked to the NZ shooting hacktivists have just given you one.

The rambling manifesto has become even more unpopular with Kiwi hackers lacing the Word document with a macro that downloads and runs a program that overwrites the boot record.

The result is a ‘dead’ computer that only boots to a screen that states “This is not us!”

Even though the computer is rendered useless it can be recovered with a Windows repair and data is not destroyed.

The identity of the hacker is not known but the metadata of the document is modified to list the author as “Maori”.

This can be seen as a vigilante campaign against anyone wanting to read or redistribute the manifesto and a very public demonstration of hacktivism.

Original story from PC Mag here.

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