Why is cybersecurity so important?

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You may have seen recently some stories about cyber attacks on government systems including the nations 3 major political parties.

We are not quite at the bit of pointing the finger of blame yet (although everyone suspects a major communist led country) but some have started taking long hard looks at themselves and we all should be doing the same.

The government has a disappointing track record with technology in general but cyber attacks open the door to scenarios that go beyond simple annoyances prompting leaders to ask if we as a nation are ready to deal with and recover from a major cyber attack.

Why is it a big deal?
Today, technology touches every part of our lives from our political systems to critical infrastructure, utilities, communications, defense services and of course our economy that runs on so much technology.

Imagine a simple attack known as a denial of service impacting our communications services resulting in an extended outage of ALL communications. It does not take much imagination to understand that this has a real world impact.
What if the attack is on our electrical supply network?
Our defense communications networks?
Our electoral network just before a major election?

Lack of information or uncertainty around the validity of information could have a massive impact on government or business that could result in a slowdown or complete halt to entire community sectors.

So what can we do?

Becoming more security aware is a vital start to our nation’s cybersecurity. Going beyond prevention to include cyber resilience is also an important consideration.

I am passionate about raising awareness and these recent events are a timely reminder that we are no longer living in the pre-90s world.
Cyberattacks are real, occurring daily and they have a real world impact.
Now is the time to ask questions. Now is the time to be ready.

I am here to help.

2 comments on “Why is cybersecurity so important?

  1. Dieter austgen

    Hello Ben,
    I often listen to you on radio 6pr, have for years used Norton as my security package.
    We hear a lot about Nordvpn , My question in your opinion is it better than Norton.
    Regards Dieter Austgen.

    1. Ben Aylett Post author

      Thanks for listening and thanks for your question Dieter.
      Norton and NordVPN are apples and oranges. They fall into the broad security category but do vastly different jobs.
      Norton is your antivirus/firewall application and NordVPN offers a VPN service (for more on VPN services have a look at https://benaylett.com/links/).
      So to answer your question is one better than the other? No, they do different jobs so I can’t really compare them.
      If I was to set up a Windows PC from scratch, I would be using Windows Defender to handle my AV/Antimalware tasks, all my important documents would be copied to an external hard drive with another copy on a cloud service like OneDrive (by Microsoft), photos are synced with Google Photos (photos.google.com), music is handled by the various online services (iTunes, Google Music, Amazon Music, Spotify) and for making sure that untrusted networks (public wifi) are secure I use NordVPN.
      I consider my computer to be a “burner” in that if it is compromised it is no big deal for me to simply remove or format the hard drive and start over and I only keep information on the laptop that I am working on at the time, everything else is tucked away off the computer.
      This along with remaining skeptical with every email and popup I may come across has kept me out of trouble so far. I did have a workstation hit early last year but since I did not rely on it for storage of important information it was nothing for me to simply wipe the system and start over.


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