OLED vs QLED. What is the difference.

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Even if you have a passing interest in TVs then you should have seen the alphabet soup that goes with it SD, HD, 4K, 3D, SHD, HDR etc. but the latest question from a listener* gave me pause.

What is the difference between OLED and QLED?
It is more that just a name, both have a slight difference in the tech that drives each one with different results.
Both of these technologies are the high end of the market with Samsung getting behind QLED while LG is betting that OLED will make the sales with prices pretty close when you hold similar sizes up against each other with a 75 inch display retailing around the AUD$4,500 mark.

OLED stands for Organic Light Emitting Diode while QLED is for Quantum Dot LED.

OLED is so thin that it is flexible!

OLED has no backlight as each pixel or creates its own light where QLED still uses backlight technology that shines light through all LED pixels.
The difference is that OLED not only produces deeper blacks because QLED displays try to block out the backlight instead of simply turning it off but is thinner and uses less energy to do a slightly better job.

For sheer size it is literally hard to look past QLED.

Where QLED stands out is in sheer size with screens over 100 inches where the OLEDs “only” able to cover up to 88 inches of wall space. Another QLED feature is Ambient mode where the display will project light against the wall behind it to make the screen edges blend into the background giving a unique experience in your home theater.

Both are amazing to look at but if you are after that powerful home theater experience on the biggest screen possible in a purpose built room, Samsung’s QLED might be for you but for good quality viewing from wide angles with deep blacks you might be best served with LG’s OLED display.

There are other factors to consider like the software features, audio quality and options, mounting choices and of course the price on the day will make that final decision hopefully a little easier. One thing is for sure, you should be well served by the current high end TV offerings if you are willing to spend over AUD$4000 on a decent display.

*Yes, a listener. You can catch my regular radio spot on Perth’s 6PR every Tuesday night from 8:20PM or find past episodes on my Youtube Channel.

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