The Tech Gift Guide with Privacy in Mind

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That time is coming. You can almost smell it.

Decorations are appearing, the weather is warming up (if you are in Australia) and the pre-Christmas season is starting to buzz in the shopping centers.

But before you place an order for that hyper-connected smart video conferencing social network enabled coffee machine, have a think about what you are putting in the home of your loved ones.

Privacy and cybersecurity is becoming a big deal and when it comes to gift giving, the same rules apply so it is good to know that The Mozilla Foundation (those people that make the Firefox Web Browser) has already done the homework on which devices are naughty and nice when it comes to your personal information.

The information is posted at and has a list of popular gift ideas along with the ratings on how creepy they are in regards to their ability to spy on you and how your information is handled by the companies that make them.

The selection of items are rated on what it is equipped with (Camera, Microphone and location tracking), if the device uses encryption, how hard it is to read the terms of service, the companies attitude when it comes to sharing information with 3rd parties, password policies, security updates, data retention policies, parental controls and what could happen if there is a breach of the product.

At the top of this list you will find the Harry Potter Kano Coding Kit, Beeline Smart Bike Compass and the Mycroft Mark 1 Smart Speaker. For the big names in tech gifts you will find that the Nintendo Switch rates at the top for privacy followed by the Sony Playstation and Microsoft XBox One products. Home automation gets a once over too with the Philips Hue and Behmor Coffee Maker getting their marks along with other smart home products.

There is a really wide range of tech gift ideas so checking out the Privacy Not Included web site is highly recommended before you whip out the credit card for the seasonal spend.

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