AFL & NRL GF by the numbers.

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Aussies love their footy and their technology. Here’s how the Telstra network coped over the weekend.

Telstra was able to capture data on how subscribers used the network at the MCG and ANZ Stadium during the events in comparison to last year and last week.

  • Both events generated a total of 5.7 Terabytes of data at their respective sites over the network which is a 21 percent increase on last years combined events.
  • The AFL Grand Final saw a 22 percent jump on last years event with 3.8 Terabytes of traffic from the MCG. That is close to 1200 hours of high definition streaming!
    • Before bouncedown almost 2 terabytes (1952 gigabytes) of traffic were delivered by the Telstra network at the MCG.
    • A further 256 gigabytes were generated by attendees at half time.
    • After the final siren another 561 gigabytes were generated by fans sticking around for celebrations.
    • Overall the GF is responsible for a 7% rise in SMS and 9% in MMS on a daily national average compared to the week before.
  • The NRL Grand Final accounted for 1.9 terabytes from the ANZ staduim.

    • Before kickoff, 890 gigabytes of data was generated over a 3.5 hour period from people within the stadium.
    • At half-time another 150 gigabytes were transported over the Telstra mobile network.
    • At full-time, attendees sent and received an additional 175 gigabytes during celebrations.
    • The NRL event was the reason for a 7% increase in SMS and 8% for MMS on the daily national average compared to the week before.

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