FBI to Banks : Prepare to be hacked

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The US FBI has issued an alert to banks worldwide for an expected global emptying of ATMs

There has been intelligence gathering that signals a high probability that this weekend we will see a mass attack on banking systems after a prolonged campaign reaches its “payday”.

Original Story from Krebsonsecurity.com.

This Payday for cybercriminals is typically a result of months (even years) of constant surveilance and tampering with banking systems where bank operations are observed, recorded and infiltrated in a digital “Oceans Eleven” heist.

The operation is expected to reach a climax this weekend when the cybercriminals will move to empty compromised ATMs around the world coordinated with “mules” on the ground ready to catch the contents of ATMs as they “Jackpot” or dispense all available cash.

So what should we as consumers do?

  1. If you have any need for cash over the weekend and maybe next week, try to get it out on Friday before the banks close as Jackpots are usually done as soon as bank staff go home for the weekend.
  2. Take note of balances before the weekend and if possible print out a copy of your latest balance to make sure any unauthorised changes are detected and reversed.

What should banks do?

  1. Put those bank charges to good use and get better at security.

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