Facebook auto-deleting posts?

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The social media giant is taking a hard line on “community standards”.

With over 2 billion active users, Facebook has become a public forum and one of the most powerful influencers on the planet.

Also with over 2 billion users, you are bound to find a few that sometimes step over the lines. Probably more than just a few.
A lot of these posts can be downright vile and offensive and have no place in a public forum. Others may be controversial but not quite objectionable. Others may express a different point of view.

With the sudden increase in fake news, far right and far left commentary and the “outrage economy” cranking up it is no surprise that Facebook has had trouble keeping up with policing posts from users with human reviewers and has started using technology to address the problem with mixed results.

The community standards are applied globally and address 6 broad areas that fall outside of what Facebook deems acceptable.

  1. Violence and Criminal behaviour
  2. Safety
  3. Objectionable Content
  4. Integrity and Authenticity
  5. Respecting Intellectual Property
  6. Content Related Requests

The violence and criminal behavior is pretty simple. Posts relating to real perceived threats to harm individuals, terrorism, hate crimes and promoting criminal behaviour.

Safety relates to depictions of self harm, suicide, exploitation of minors or adults, bullying, harassment and privacy violations.

Objectionable content covers hate speech, violent or graphic content, nudity or sexual activity or cruel/insensitive content.

Integrity or Authenticity covers one of my favorite areas to report. Spam, misinterpretation, and false news. There is an interesting topic that falls under this category known as memorialisation where Facebook will mark the profile of a deceased person by adding “remembering” to the profile and lock the profile from logins. For more information regarding memorialisation go here.

Intellectual property covers the rights of works produced by creators. Simply put, I cannot post anything created by someone else that is protected by copyright. So posting images, video or audio that I did not create will have the post removed if it is flagged as being in violation of copyright.

Content related requests is more about the removal of user accounts when requested by the user or an appointed representative, removal of under age accounts, removal of child abuse imagery when requested by a government or removal of attacks on unintentionally famous minors as requested by legal guardians.

The reporting process also gives account holders a way to dispute the removal of content and possibly report a profile that is being a nuisance by falsely reporting content. You can report a problem from the help icon (question mark) anywhere and follow the onscreen prompts.

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