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High-end Aussie designed headphones deliver a premium experience for the audio aficionado.

I love my audio and with my work in radio and subsequent podcasting that is a result I am using headphones a lot. So much so that my ears have become a little irritated after all the use of earbuds. I have always been waiting for a reason to pick up a pair of good cans or over ear headphones for a while.

A good looking set of cans.

With a recent trip to Bali planned I saw a good chance to treat myself to my favourite brand of headphones and snapped up a pair of Audiofly AF240’s on special at the local big box retailer looking to clear a little shelf space.

These are no bargain-bin headphones. These are serious headphones with a serious AUD$299 price tag but you know from the beginning that these are a premium product from the second you open the box.

On the technical side you get good quality response across the range from 15-20hz up to 16.5khz (actual real world tests) with zero distortion or breakdown detected.

Good quality feel in the construction and material, not too heavy, not too light and very comfortable with the cans feeling bigger on the inside than they look from the outside and the pressure on the head is firm without feeling like you are in a vice.
One gripe about the build is the spring tension on the lowering of the cups. The mechanism seems to rely heavily on gravity to balance out the load making the cups ride up a little when not sitting up straight so lying down can be a distraction.

Curiously the cups rotate up to shout at the sky instead of into your collarbones when resting around your neck.
This means you have the option of monitoring what is going on in the cans as background noise while still being able to hear what is going on around you.

Try doing THAT with a standard headphone cable. Audioflex stands on in its own.

The cable is a stand out feature. Very strong and able to be detached this fabric sheathed cable can hold its own and more thanks to the cordura reinforcing in the cable.

A couple points of improvement would address my two design niggles.
1. Substituting the spring for ratchet adjustment.
2. Including volume adjustment inline with the play/pause button.

Packaged in it’s own padded waxed canvas bag with an airline adapter, this headset is a solid performing piece of audio kit that will keep most audiophiles and prosumers happy.

+ Solid performance
+ Comfortable
+ Great Sound reproduction
+ Great build quality
+ Aussie designed by Audio Engineers and Musos

– Adjustable springs retract over time
– A little on the expensive side
– No inline volume adjustment

These headphones are great for the person that really cares about good quality audio that relies on good design to deliver a premium experience developed by musicians and audio engineers.

The AudioFly AF240 is available now directly from the AudioFly store or various electrical retailers.

2 comments on “Review : Audiofly AF240

  1. Duncan Woodhouse

    Agree with the above review. Picked mine up several months ago, probably from the same bricks-and-mortar retailer at one of their Canberra stores, for a few cents under 80 bucks, and I really couldn’t be happier with my purchase. Solid premium build, “funky” somewhat retro look (mine has the white housing). I find with the spring ear-piece adjustment, I have to hold the band and pull down each side one at a time to get the right fit. i have a big noggin and these are quite comfortable. Sound quality is, of course, where the rubber hits the road (or the sound waves hit your ears) and, while I’m no expert, to my 57 year old ears, these sound superb. With Valentine’s Day a matter of weeks away, I’ve convinced my darling wife to stash away a pair of Audiofly’s AF78M IEMs, also from the same retailer at a significant discount on the $199 recommended retail. Can hardly wait to fire them up, burn them in, and see how they compare.

    1. Ben Aylett Post author

      Thanks for the comment Duncan.
      Some of the deep discounts are bringing amazing value for money as Audiofly prepares to launch the next generation of IEMs.
      Really looking forward to see if they have some new over-the-ear or on-the-ear offerings in the lineup.


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