Cybersecurity for everyone.

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A simple crash course to help you get safe online.

Before you start thinking that technology is hard and takes work. Ask yourself these questions before you quit before you get started.

  • Who else would make lights that can be turned on an off with a voice command?
  • Who would rather have a spreadsheet do simple calculations than drag out a pen and paper?

Tech people. We love using tech to make our lives easier. You could say we are driven by our laziness.

The same goes for managing our cybersecurity risk. There are free and effective tools out there that we use to make the lives of hackers that much harder while making ours much easier. I am going to give you these secrets to use and share with your friends, family and co-workers for free because we all need better security.

I will cover in these first 3 posts the how we can make our lives more secure AND easier at the same time. Passwords. This 3 part series will arm you and the people around you with the basic information needed to make your online world easier to keep under lock and key.

Cybersecurity 101: You will learn about how some simple tweaks to your password you can make it nearly impossible to crack.

Cybersecurity 102: You will learn about password recycling and why it is a bad idea.

Cybersecurity 103: I will show you how I can manage hundreds of complex, unique passwords in a single secure place and I don’t even have to remember any of them with a free tool.

This will all be posted as a video series as I live stream this information and take your questions live on 6PR.

Take a look at my Youtube channel here.

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If you want to learn more about how to protect yourself from hackers you can check out my review of Hacked Again.

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