Cybersecurity 103: Password Managers

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So we have all these unique passwords we need to remember but before you reach for that spreadsheet or notepad to start scribbling down your next super-long passphrase consider this.

What if all you needed to remember is two, maybe 3 passwords and still have access to the alphabet soup that is your collection of good passwords?

This is possible with a Password Manager.

A good password manager keeps a well encrypted database of passwords secured with a username, password and two factor authentication and automatically fills in forms for you or you have the option of copying and pasting information stored in your password database into another application manually.

At the time of writing the password managers of note that support strong encryption and two factor authentication are Dashlane and my personal favourite Lastpass.

Other password managers may have strong security but since there is no mention of two factor authentication, we have to assume it is not offered so if a bad guy gets your login details to a password manager that does not have two factor authentication you are pretty much done.

With two factor authentication, you can be assured that there is a second barrier of to entry into the target system.

Both systems are free with the option to upgrade to paid versions so there should be no reason why you would not want to give it a try.

Go to and to take a look at these valuable tools and stop worrying about passwords.

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If you want to learn more about how to protect yourself from hackers you can check out my review of Hacked Again.

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