So about that Telstra outage last month…

It could have been YOUR fault!

That massive outage that crippled the Telstra network from home arrest tracking to the vital 000 emergency service to just about every phone served by the Telstra network. Remember that?

It was huge. People lost their minds over it and Telstra acknowledged that this was not what they expected of themselves.

OMG! Hackerz!

Turns out it was hackers!

Here’s what the investigation found.

Telstra sells its service direct to subscribers as well as to resellers including Vocus Communications who serves business customers with their own business grade telephone networks. One of these customers had their own service compromised and infiltrated by offshore hackers who set about making 1800 calls over a 2 hour period in three short bursts to the nation’s 000 emergency service. This sudden flood of ‘blank’ calls jammed up the 000 service for hours as the backlog was seen to.

Vocus has promised to take steps to prevent this from happening again and you can be sure that other telcos are taking notes to not fall victim to this issue also.

If you do have your own private multi line or business grade phone system, you should check with your provider to make sure that it is properly secured with a unique password and all relevant security patches are up to date.

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