Review : Hacked Again (Book)

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A must read for everyone. We are all at risk while we are unaware.

Disclosure : I received a free electronic copy of this book to review. I believe this book is so important and valuable, I will be purchasing my own copy as well as promoting an Amazon affiliate link to support this website.

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I have just finished reading a book called Hacked Again by Scott N Schober, a recognised expert in Cybersecurity who like myself is comfortable breaking the technical jargon down for real people that need to pay attention to cyber security.

Scott’s honest account of his own experience dealing with hackers as well as his analysis of other massive hacks of recent time gives the reader pause to consider their own cybersecurity exposure. This is a great thing when it comes to addressing the gaping hole in cybersecurity that is general awareness.

I hope that with promoting this book I can help the general public become better prepared to meet the ever-present threat of cyber attacks.

Anyone at any level should get something out of this book from the first-time user to the seasoned professional.

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