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It is not often I get excited about a smartphone app but this one deserves a heap of attention.

I am big for volunteering time for the good of others and using technology so when something like Be My Eyes comes along I find it hard to not get behind the concept.

It is the among the best applications of tech we have available turned to serve a completely unexpected purpose.

Broken down to basics it is a live video call that lets volunteers serve as the eyes for people with impaired vision. If someone has trouble reading expiry dates, signs or identifying something they are having difficulty with they can open the app (smartphones have some great accessibility features) and ask for help.

Volunteers also have the app installed and when someone needs help, they get an alert on their phone and can accept the call for help if they are available. If they are busy, the call goes to other available volunteers.

Be My Eyes was established on 15th January 2015 and has since grown to help almost 80,000 vision impaired people and is supported by over 1.2 million volunteers in over 150 countries in more that 180 languages!

It is a simple pivot of smartphone technology that makes a massive difference to the lives of so many people around the world that need to borrow a pair of eyes to read a label or pick a colour.

I could not recommend this app enough.

You can get the app for Android and iOS and make a difference or get the help you might need from time to time.

Download from Google Play      Download from App Store

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