Review: ASUS RT-AC88U. A beast of a router.

This is a secure router that delivers so much for the data-hungry home, office or demanding gamer.

With so many routers dropping the ball when it comes to being responsible with security it is refreshing to find something as simple as the process to set up a new router actually forcing new users to get set up right the first time.

This is the case with the ASUS RT-AC88U. While others focus on speed and ease of use I tend to look hard at the security that comes with a router. This is the gateway into your home network and is easily the most important and simultaneously the most overlooked part of any home or small business network when it comes to getting online securely.

The setup process is dead simple. You follow the prompts and in around 10 minutes or less you have a connection to the internet that is set up right from the word go. No default passwords to let the bad guys in and the ability to easily use advanced features like AiProtect from Trend Micro keeps things locked down as they should. Parental control with Amazon Echo integration lets you enable and disable functions with just a spoken command makes managing access to your network so simple.

It is no slouch when it comes to performance too with 8 full gigabit ethernet ports, USB3 port and link aggregation promises high end performance that will stream pretty much anything you throw at it.

Look at all those gigbit LAN ports!

Wireless performance is another part that shines. On its own the MIMO technology ensures solid performance with more devices than a single antenna router but teamed up with another with AiMesh supported router and you can extend your WiFi footprint easily.

The ASUS RT-AC88U is well suited for medium to large households, online gamers, home based businesses or small to medium businesses looking for an easy to manage router that takes full advantage of everything a fast NBN connection has to offer.

NOTE : The RT-AC88U does not have a built in modem to connect directly to DSL/xDSL/vDSL or FTTN services. You will need to purchase a simple modem to connect the RT-AC88U to anything that is not FTTH/FTTB/HFC.

Feature list:

  • 8 Gigabit ethernet ports
  • MIMO Wifi with beamforming technology offering up to 500m2 coverage
  • VPN server and client capabilities
  • Ethernet aggregation
  • AiProtect
  • Parental Controls
  • Amazon Echo integration with IFTTT
  • Guest Wifi
  • AiMesh for easy WiFi expansion
  • Futureproof WAN connection capable of up to 1.8Gbps
  • Much more.

The RT-AC88U at the time of writing retails for around AUD$420 and has been recognised by tech publications as a solid performer.

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