Want to keep on top of cybersecurity updates? New service coming soon.

A large percentage of small businesses are at risk of Cybersecurity incidents simply because they do not get advance warning or “Threat Intelligence”. I aim to fix that.

Not having the budget to support your own Chief Security Officer is a real problem for small businesses trying to keep up with the latest threats they face daily. My larger clients enjoy up to date, customised Security Intelligence bulletins that empower staff with the ability to stay aware of simple tasks that are needed to keep your business secure.

I am releasing a cost-effective service that will allow subscribers to access the latest Cybersecurity Threat Intelligence and the steps that can be taken laid out in plain english.

Below is a real example of a bulletin that was issued to one of my clients this morning. You can benefit from the same knowledge delivered to your business directly for a low monthly subscription. Get in touch to find out more.

Security bulletin 9/5/2018

“Overnight, Microsoft has released in its regular update cycle patches for Windows Operating Systems with some of the 1273 total security updates in the package flagged as critical or important.

All users are encouraged to Check For Updates on their workstations and home systems and reboot within the next 24 hours to ensure they are well protected against potential security exploits.

Turning off or disabling updates is not advisable unless under special circumstances. If updates are disabled, extra care must be taken to ensure systems are not unnecessarily exposed to potential threats.

Any portable Windows devices that are not used daily should also be updated today to avoid having to deal with security updates when you least need the hassle.”

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