Telstra lifts the cap on mobile data. UNLIMITED MOBILE DATA!

Go on, read the headline again.. Let that sink in. Unlimited mobile data.

Yes! Unlimted internet everywhere there’s Telstra Mobile.

Just today Telstra announced an unlimited data plan for just under $70/month that will be going live from the 3rd of May, 2018.

There are some details to be aware of so we should look at them here.

The plan is a 12 month contract and you bring your own phone. There is a little twist on the unlimited also. You get 40GB of data allowance a month at the fastest available speeds (which is pretty good) and from there your speed is capped at 1.5Mbs which is plenty fast for music, social media, banking etc with only video streaming performance taking a hit. At 1.5Mbs, you will have trouble streaming HD video but you should have no problem with standard definition video which will cover most Youtube videos and could even mean you can live stream to your social media platforms.

With all this taken into consideration, this is a big deal. The best mobile network in the country has taken a big step forward by almost completely removing any restrictions. This is great news for people that need heaps of mobile data, can’t get other forms of affordable internet service or would like to completely sidestep NBN services being rolled out around Australia.

Also great to have on hand in case you need cover for hardware failure or when your normal internet service is out for any reason. Just set up your mobile phone as a hotspot and you have an excellent plan B for the small office or home. A definite must for any small business to have on at least one smartphone phone that is always in the office.

With 5G expected around the end of this year or the early part of 2019 this is great news for so many Australians that depend on fast and portable internet access and a kick in the pants for all other ISPs and telcos to up their offerings in an increasingly competitive market.

For the Telstra Announcement, go here.

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