Australia will be ready for self-driving cars by 2020

The Australian Government is getting started at removing the 700 roadblocks for driverless technology.

We have been hearing about this for a while now. Driverless or Autonomous cars are coming but it has been more of a discussion than anything with the token trial bus scattered around capital cities.

Even though we have had self-driving haulpacks for a few years now on minesites we are still only dreaming of grabbing a nap during the daily commute. Assistive technology is marching ahead but we seem to be stuck in limbo when we start asking questions like “How will be sure it is safe?” and “If a self driving car causes an accident, who is responsible?”.

Well it seems the NTC (National Transport Commission) has been thinking hard about this too and working out what we need to make the future less of a flaming wreck when it comes to regulating robo-roadhogs.

Currently there are around 700 legal reasons why we can have self-aware trucks, cars and buses on Aussie roads and the NTC is looking at how they can be changed to accommodate the future as you can see in this video below.

So what do you think? Do you think we will be ready for self-driving vehicles by 2020?


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