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“When I was a kid, we had to write our own software.”
I was picking up a Nokia 3310 at Harvey Norman and at the checkout I had a brief moment of weakness.

That is all it takes, just a tiny sliver of potential and I added this item to my purchase.

For $150 I was taking home a piece of nostalgia half the size of the original. 35 years ago I would hang out with a friend around the corner from my home and we would mess around with his home computer. A commodore 64 complete with tape drive and joystick.

The hours of messing around with programs and programming and it all came flooding back when I unpacked this with my son.

It is half the size but packs in more than the original had.

The tiny computer is updated with 2 USB ports (for a working keyboard and included joystick) MicroUSB Power input and HDMI output.

The software is like the original with over 60 games including Boulder Dash, California Games, Impossible Mission, Speedball and Speedball 2, Winter Games and World Games to name a few with the promise of more to be added to the library that can be uploaded via USB thumb drive.

What I found most interesting is that my son was as fascinated with C64 Basic as I was back then. The discovery that writing code would make this computer do something holds as fast today as it did 35 years ago so this is a hot buy for any parents looking to give kids something to play on that helps to develop coding skills and foster an interest in the bits that make technology what it is today.

Out now and I would guess in limited numbers at EB Games and JB Hifi for around AUD$150 for the console, AUD$20 for a cheap USB keyboard, AUD$20 for a local 2Amp phone charger for power and plugged into the TV or a spare HDMI capable monitor and you can have a blast from the past for less than $200 that will give kids not only a glimpse into what it was like back in the olden days but it might spark an interest in learning to code.

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