Toyota launches Triad initiative.

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What does a car company have to do with a criminal organisation?

Absolutely nothing.

In this story from Futurism we learn Triad (actually written as TRI-AD) stands for Toyota Research Initiative – Advanced Development and is a US$2.9 billion dollar company destined to create the software that will give Self Driving cars the smarts they need by 2020!

Considering we are less than 2 years away, they had better start cracking the whip to have vehicles ready to rest by the ambitious deadline.

For me, this is an exciting development for the brand synonymous with conservatively building vehicles with legendary reliability recognising that it needs to step up its innovation game in order to meet the technology challenges coming from existing players and new entrants alike.

The reasoning behind Toyota creating a new company instead of just creating a new division is Toyota’s recognition that this is an entirely different direction for the auto manufacturer so a new company with a new culture was the best option.

To get an idea of the direction Toyota might be heading, take a look at this video about the Concept-i.
It is a little corny but it is one of the many possibilities we might see when AI merges with cars of the future.

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