So what does Facebook know about you?

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Here’s how you ca get a copy of everything the social media juggernaut has on you easily with this link.

We all know Facebook collects heaps of data but do you know exactly what information the big FB has?

Here is how you can find out.

Instead of hunting around through the menus you can go straight to (you are welcome) and click on the Download a copy of your Facebook Data link which you will find just under your Manage Account section.

The data will then be gathered up and organised for you to download and you will be notified when the download is ready.

Once downloaded as a zip file, you can then extract the data to a folder or directly on your desktop and then click on the index.html file to start looking through what Mr. Zuckerberg has on you.

I must say it was pretty interesting even though I am careful with what I click while on Facebook there were a few surprises.

I encourage you to go do it and once that is done, I would recommend going through your Facebook-connected applications and remove the ones you no longer use by going to

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