Samsung Galaxy S9 shipping March 12

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The latest phone from Samsung is available to pre-order right now.

If you want it when it becomes available, you had better get cracking.

Here’s what you get in the S9 and S9+.

Over the S8, the S9 is slightly smaller when looking at it front on thanks to the smaller bezels but it is slightly wider and thicker by around .5 of a mm and a little heavier meaning that the Galaxy S9 has finally stopped that pointless race of who can build a thinner phone and focused on building a more durable phone.

The fingerprint scanner is placed just below the camera making it easier to reach and the speakers (2 of them, stereo placement at top and bottom of the phone) support Dolby Atmos.

The display is 5.8 inches of OLED goodness and still 1440 by 1080p but boasts a brighter picture (20% brighter) better colour and lowest reflectance recorded on a smartphone yet that will drastically cut glare making it the best display on a smart phone ever (for the moment).

As for the camera, a dual aperture 12 MP sensor is the main shooter capable of high speed photography at an amazing 960 frames per second that can stretch 0.2 seconds of 720p footage to 6 seconds! Imagine what you could catch at that rate! (Bonus video from the legendary SloMo Guys on what you can do at 960fps at the end of this article.)

The S9+ gets an extra sensor meaning that you get portrait mode and 2X optical zoom. The front facing camera stays at 8MP which although good lags behind the Google Pixel offerings.

Like the iPhoneX, the S9 and S9+ will scan your face and your iris to make unlocking your phone by looking at it much faster and the fingerprint scanner has been retained and moved to just below the camera which is better placement than dead centre on the S8.

Meeting the Animoji gimmick face on (ahem) is Samsung’s AR Emoji which unlike Apple’s Animoji will play nice with other apps (a big plus). Even though on launch AR Emoji might seem a little unfinished but we can expect updates to fix that.

There is so much to cover so if you want to find out more, take a look at the full story over on Forbes.

You can pre-order at all the usual outlets including Telstra.


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