A weekend with the Samsung Galaxy S9

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I get all handsy with the latest from Samsung and we spend a weekend on the beach together.

From the outset, the outward appearance of the Samsung Galaxy S range of phones has always been pretty good. Sleek, rounded edges, dazzling screen right to the sides and a solid feel in the hand has been a given.

The wireless charging has been a constant, polished software and the new Bixby assistant are all nice features too but for me, the standout feature was the camera. Even the combined iris and face recognition is a nice touch even though the AR selfie feels like a gimmicky “me too” at Apple served up with a 3.5mm audio jack paired with some AKG earbuds.

Samsung has bet heavily on the camera and it shows. A dual aperture gives flexibility in bright conditions as well as it does in low light.

Big bright still images are easy to get, depth of field plaything “selective focus” also makes for some dramatic images and the all out professional mode lets you tweak every conceivable setting for the 12 megapixel sensor.

This image is so huge I had to share it from Google Photos. It would not go up on the website.

The panorama gives sweeping vistas and the food mode should delight any foodie instagrammer. The video is nice and sharp capable of up to 4K video at 60 frames per second and the hyperlapse compresses minutes to seconds but by far the feature I had the most fun with was the 960 frames per second super slomo.

Granted, it is a feature on rails with limited scope for adjustment outside of its three full auto, auto and manual modes but the clarity makes up for most of it.

Making the most of the fine weather and the phone’s IP68 rating I spent most of the weekend on the beach stretching out time as you can see in the video.

The Samsung Galaxy S9 and S9+ is available to pre-order right now in 4 colours, 64GB and 256GB from $1199 (or $99/month on a plan from Telstra) and releases officially on March 16.

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