What is a Podcast?

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You might of heard of it but don’t know what it is, how it works or what it means to you.

Podcasts, RSS feeds, subscriptions, players, episodes and democratising media might have been terms thrown around you but you are not sure what it all means.

A podcast is a series of recordings made available to play on your own time. Usually centred around a specific interest, podcasts are often a continuous stream of episodes published on a regular basis and are popular because they can be cheap to produce and have a very short turnaround on recording to broadcasting. As a result, podcasts are a very efficient way to get up to date information on breaking news.

A podcast is recorded, saved to a website and the series of podcasts are submitted to a podcast service like iTunes, Podcast Addict, Spotify or Google play. People subscribe to the podcast (for free) and listen using their preferred podcast player. Podcasts are either producer supported, supported by advertisers or in some cases are supported by listeners through donations made via Paypal and Patreon.

Most radio stations have podcasts and you can find a list of podcasts by searching through the iTunes store, the Podcast Addict app or Spotify with the most popular search engine being the iTunes store. Many individuals and small businesses are also producing podcasts for their communities and customers providing an easy way to stay informed.

There is also an easy way for you to create and publish your own podcasts using the Anchor.fm app. You can start with just your phone and work your way up to more professional audio gear including mixers, studio quality microphones and for the more adventurous a camera to make the transition to Youtube.

Either way, podcasts are a great way for you to enjoy your favourite shows on your own terms be they entertaining, educational or thought provoking. You can find a podcast to suit just about any interest you might have and usually free!

There are examples of podcasts you can try to see if podcasts are of interest to you covering a wide range of topics.
6PR All the segments from Perth’s best known talk and sport radio station.
Ben Aylett Bringing technology news and tips.
Freakonomics Exploring the hidden side of everything.
Serial One story—a true story—over the course of a season.
Daily Tech News Show Daily tech news. Stay up to date with independent, authoritative and trustworthy tech news.
The Morning Stream News, culture, politics and talk (almost) each and every day!
Coverville The best in cover songs every week, showcasing independent artists and labels.

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