Aussie Scientists develop smartphone microscope.

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The 3D printable smartphone microscope clips straight on to your smartphone without the need for power.

The Australian Research Council’s Centre of Excellence for Nanoscale BioPhotonics has made the plans for the microscope freely available so anyone can turn a smartphone into a microscope capable of viewing specimens as small as 1/200th of a millimeter.

The big deal with this design is that it takes advantage of the existing light source in most phones and uses lithg tunnels to illuminate the sample. The design is a one step assembly that greatly reduces the complexity while still being able to examine samples from cell culture, zooplankton and other microorganism scale samples.

The real beauty of this lies in the smartphone allowing near live remote viewing of samples in the field. A field medical technician can share vision of the sample with a specialist during a phone call to help examine water quality, blood samples to assist with environmental observations and early disease detection.

If you want to get the plans, they can be found here.

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