2/2/2018 Optus announces 5G rollout, takes aim at NBNco

Capable of delivering up to 2 Gigbits per Second without wires.

5G is fast. Really Fast..

Overnight Optus signalled that it intends to roll out its new 5G fixed wireless service after completing tests with Chinese hardware manufacturer Huawei. The service using newly approved specifications achieved 2 Gigbits per second during an outdoor trial at its Macquarie Park headquarters.

To put that in perspective, the fastest available service to NBN subscibers over the fixed line network is 100 Megabits per second. 2 Gigabits per second is the equivalent of 2048 Megabits per second which were actual speeds experienced during trials. It is also interesting to note that a 5G network could be capable of delivering speeds of up to 15 Gigabits per second using millimetre Wave-Band technology.

Autonomous vehicles are just one of the technologies that will benefit greatly from 5G speeds.

5G networks are tipped to be the next big thing to underpin the smart world of technology we keep getting promised with Autonomous vehicles, Artificial Intelligence and smart homes becoming a reality in the near future.

The technology is initially expected to be released as a commercial grade fixed wireless offering and followed up as a domestic fixed wireless solution effectively side-stepping NBNco’s own plans for fixed wireless.

The rollout to the commercial and retail services are tipped for City users in early 2019 along with a similar timeline from Telstra. This could put the NBN network under a cloud if the 5G network proves to be easier to deploy, faster performing and more cost effective than NBN offering.

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