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Twisting Active Noise Cancellation into something new.

I have had a good amount of time to play with the Nuheara IQ Buds. These tiny wireless earbuds are something pretty amazing and really came into their own on a recent overseas trip namely in the typically noisy environment on an aircraft.

Nuheara earbuds do a pretty good job filling my head with audio while filtering out most of the cabin noise.
I can only just make out the conversation behind me. Not clearly, just a murmur. The rumble of the engines can be felt more than heard. A tap on the left earbud pauses and starts the audio and a tap on the right flips between the noise cancelling and assistive hearing profiles.

Your smartphone can fine tune settings to suit your environment. Switching profiles can also be done directly through the earbud touch controls.

The assistive hearing is where this product really stands apart. By tuning the profiles you can actually perceive conversations around you better. This half-step towards hearing aids puts this wearable well above other bluetooth wireless headphones in the same price range with a functionality that all noise cancelling headsets really should consider. They all pack the same basic technology but it is Nuheara that saw the potential and made it a feature that stands out.

The earbuds come in their own case that is used to keep them safe as well as recharge the earbuds up to 4 times on a single recharge.

This was great during my trip as the sporadic use during flights and cooling my heels while the other half shopped was covered by recharges from the case.

This is a must have carry on item.

The case is also a godsend as I am prone to losing small things and this case was large enough to stand out in the bottom of a travel pack. Small is great but it does come with the added risk of too small and the case addresses this problem with added functionality.

The one wrinkle in this otherwise great product is the Bluetooth range. Putting your connected phone in your hip pocket is enough to block the Bluetooth signal resulting in choppy audio although I suspect firmware updates may fix this.

Retailing at $399, the Nuheara IQBuds are an innovative personal Bluetooth audio solution that goes beyond just piping clean audio into your ears.

Pro : lightweight, comfortable, active noise cancelling, assistive hearing, no cords between buds, slick charging and storage case, better value for money than similar more well know brands.

Cons : Bluetooth link easily interrupted.

Great for : Travelers that want active noise cancellation in a good looking and lightweight package, people interested in good quality bluetooth earbuds that could do with a little boost in hearing things around them and professional eavesdroppers.

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