15/1/2018 Review : ASUS Zenbeam E1

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An on the go projector that does not disappoint.

I was lucky enough to take the ASUS Zenbeam E1 for a spin over the end of year break and it did not disappoint.

This tiny battery powered LED projector fits in the palm of your hand or carry on luggage without any problem. The fit and finish is good and gives you a sense of quality. The menu system is simple, the fixed zoom and auto keystone correction means you only have the focus to worry about using the easy to access roller to get a good sharp picture.

Against a white or bright background, the picture is very adequate.

Against a white or bright background, the picture is very adequate.

With a projection distance of 0.5 to 3.7 meters and a throw ratio of 1.4 you can expect to get a screen size of 16 to 120 inches.

This projector has a good picture that works well in the dark and in a lit room although washed out, the 150 lumens still manages to get the point across.

It takes HDMI as well as MHL inputs which allows you to connect a laptop, DVD player, set top box or media streaming device as well as directly connect some mobile phones using the MHL cable.
There is an 3.5mm audio out allowing you to connect headphones or speakers if the built in 2W speaker needs a boost and to make things even sweeter, there is a USB port on the projector that allows you to charge your phone or other device off the projector’s 6000 mAh battery.

A fun little “life hack” to put a TV above your head without putting a TV above your head.

This projector is ideal for the traveler needing a portable way to present images or for the camper looking to add accommodation stars to their trip by projecting movies on the inside walls of a tent. You are only limited by your imagination as I found out by sitting the projector in my bedside table drawer pointed at the ceiling. This gave me a projected screen of around 40 inches directly above my head allowing me to watch video without propping up my head and putting strain on my neck.

Overall, this projector at around the AUD$500 mark is a great buy to go into your “mobile office”, carry on luggage or as a space saving home projector that does not need you to punch holes in things to hang screens. The small and portable design allows you to get really creative with throwing light.

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