I am now on Anchor

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There is a quick audio podcast service that has been around since 2015 and last year it has been making a good impact in social media.

I have joined this platform and started with a daily Australian Cryptocurrency Trade Bulletin covering Bitcoin, Ethereum and Bitcoin Cash as well as bringing a quick tech news story as often as possible.

You are welcome to join Anchor.fm using your Facebook or Twitter account or you can create an Anchor account using an email address.

Get the anchor.fm app using the buttons below and find my station here.

App StoreGoogle Play StoreFor users, Anchor works well as a player of up to date audio articles ideally suited as a news service much like radio that works on your smartphone as well as on the Google Home and the Amazon Echo! This provides content creators and businesses a great way to not only get on the phones of potential clients but also into their homes using smart speakers. The app allows you to record and publish content easily with nice flourishes like including background music or stings to separate articles.

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