17/1/2018 Got a Google Home? You are going to love this!

All Google Home owners will appreciate this tip.

We have all been there. We get the Google Home, unbox it and marvel at its unusual design. Once plugged in we do the usual stuff like ask the Google assistant to tell us a joke, make dog noises to freak out the family pet, play youtube videos on the Chromecast equipped TV, play some tunes from Spotify and TuneIn and in some cases we would have set up our smart lights to work with our newest addition to the house.

Then the tricks wear thin and you wonder what else you can do with it. You try a few new commands. Some work, most don’t and soon that smart assistant does not seem so smart anymore.

The Google Assistant service that drives Google Home allows developers to give Google Home and other Google Assistant powered devices additional things to do. Finding out about these new services until recently has been pretty much hit and miss.

Google has finally made a directory of all skills nicely laid out at https://assistant.google.com/explore/. Here you can browse categories and search for specific tasks on everything the Google Assistant can do.

Can’t find what you are after? If you are interested it is possible to create your own Actions for Google Assistant over at Actions on Google.

The Google Home was the first smart speaker released on the Australian market in 2017 and currently is still the only one available in the market.

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