9/1/2018 Telstra waives privacy fees.

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The Silent Line fee to keep personal details unlisted will be scrapped.

From the 18th of February, Tesltra will no longer charge for the Silent Line option and customers will be able to change their white pages listing preference through the Teslstra 24×7 App or via My Account on the Tesltra website.

The AUD$2.93 monthly fee will be removed since the control of the service is now digitised and customer controlled. This control also extends to how numbers are displayed in Caller ID.

There is speculation that this is due to a rise in complaints about Telemarketing operations.

Caller ID and White Pages listings are also treated as separate so a customer can choose to have their number published while Caller ID is disabled meaning that they can be found in the White Pages but their number is not shown when they call others.

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