24/1/2018 Apple Homepod Australian release announced 26/1/2018

The third smart speaker line to enter Aussie homes on Feb 9th.

The long awaited HomePod from Apple is going to be available to order online this Friday 26th and should be in stores by February 9.

The HomePod promises to sell on Apple’s existing audio quality with a 7 tweeter array, high excursion woofer coupled with beam forming technology will tune the audio to suit the room. The six microphone array is designed to pick up commands from across the room even when loud music is playing.

Powered by Apple’s own A8 chip and packing the well known Siri virtual assistant Apple hopes that the massive music and services library already available will make it the juggernaut in the living room as well in your pocket.

Homekit integration can also make your Homepod the center of your smart home while Sirikit with support for messaging apps will let you ask Homepod to send messages to your contacts with apps like WhatsApp. You can also set timers, reminders and make lists using only the Homepod.

The Homepod is available in White and Space Gray and is expected to retail at $499 in Australia.

Has the Homepod stayed out too late and broken the curfew? Let me know in the comments or call in on my Anchor station with the Anchor.fm app.

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