23/1/2018 Apple under fire

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South Korea now going after iPhone throttling scandal.

Since the start of the year, Apple has been slammed for deliberately slowing down iPhone SE, iPhone 6 and iPhone 6s product families with the latest iOS update.

Apple’s defense is that it was slowing phones to avoid excessive drain on the battery which could cause unexpected shutdowns and hangs. Even though Apple has slashed the price of replacement batteries and in future versions of iOS the option to switch off the throttling feature will be made available Apple is still finding itself under investigation for the practice.

South Korea is the latest to put Apple under the microscope with allegations that Apple slowed phones with the intention to force existing owners to upgrade to the latest phones.

Most of the stink is coming from the fact that Apple did not disclose the throttling until AFTER it was discovered and disclosed on Reddit and on benchmarking websites.

Seoul based Citizens United for Consumer Sovereignty (CUCS) is the latest to file a complaint against Apple and is seeking compensation of US$2000 per plaintiff. Italy is expected to join other plaintiffs around the world in bringing Apple’s actions into check.

Samsung is also under a similar line of investigation.

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